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  • 1. Who is this website for?
    1. This website is for anyone to browse but is set up primarily for family and friends as a communication tool.
  • 2. How can I get an e-mail address with
    • Submit your request via this website to the webmaster. Provide additional contact info and an address, to your liking, will be created and instructions on accessing it will be forwarded to you. - No charge!
  • 3. How can I provide content/information for posting on this site?
    • Submit information, prefereably in electronic format (Word doc or Notepad, graphic file although scans can be obtained of any photos you wish to provide for scanning, originals will be returned unchanged), to webmaster.
  • 4. Will you accept ideas for format changes and web sites improvements?
    • We not only accept them - we encourage them!  

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